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WordPress is an open-source content management system (CMS) built for the community. The best part about WordPress is that it’s an open system that uses plugins, which allow you to add functionalities to your website. WordPress Plugin Repository has a vast selection of plugins and themes available for your use. These plugins and themes release regular updates. Not all of these updates address security; some of them come up with functional or aesthetic improvements. So, ensuring your plugins and themes are updated keeps your website both safe and functional.

Why You Should Let Us Take Care of Your WordPress Updates 

Whether you know about WP coding or not, it’s worthwhile letting us handle your WordPress updates. If you nothing about WordPress, then updating your site can be a nightmare. Our trusted team at PressMate guarantees to update your WP website with the utmost care. Our update services includes taking extra care when updating your website files—we back up your website first and only then update your plugins and themes. In the event of your update going wrong or your website losing functionality, we roll back your website to the last known best configuration.

How frequently do you perform updates on my WordPress website?

We always update your website’s plugins and theme files as soon as we can. Performing such updates can be a time-consuming process and requires expertise. We update your files one by one and check your website after updating each and every plugin and theme—what we refer to as our ‘Careful Updates’ protocol. For this reason, the frequency of updates will depend on the plan you choose. The more you pay, the more frequent your website will be updated. The following table will help you choose the plan and update frequency that’s right for you:

Free Forever Lite Start Up Professional
WordPress Core Once every 30 days Weekly Daily Every 12 hrs
WordPress Themes Once every 30 days Weekly Daily Every 12 hrs
WordPress Plugins Once every 30 days Weekly Daily Every 12 hrs


What if an update breaks my website?

There is always a possibility that updating a plugin/theme/WordPress core can break your website. In the unlikely event of this happening, you can rest assured as all of our WordPress updates are covered under our ‘Careful Updates’ protocol. We first back up your website files before we start updating your plugins/themes/core one by one. If any update affects your website, we immediately roll back to the last known stable website configuration.

WordPress Updates Notifications

Every time we update your WordPress core, or any plugins or themes, we notify you by email or in-app notifications. A warning notification is sent if your plugin/theme fails to update or breaks your website.

Alternatives for Broken WordPress Updates

If your plugin/theme fails to update for some reason, or breaks your website, we will suggest the best available alternative . You can either install this yourself or have us fix it for you. Fixing these kinds of bugs is a paid service and charged at a flat rate of $50/hr.

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