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What are automatic WordPress updates and how to turn them on

what is automatic update and how to turn automatic update

Increasing popularity of WordPress makes it perfect choice for hackers looking for vulnerabilities that are enough to compromise your website. There are lots of ways to secure your WordPress website but your main priority should always be to keep the WordPress core files, themes, and plugins up to date. However, keeping track of all these things is quite difficult, and that’s where automatic WordPress updates come in.

Many WordPress users find it annoying that every other day they have to update a plugin or theme.

So, to ease the process, WordPress has added a functionality of automatic updates to the WordPress core – to take care of such updates automatically. Keeping your WordPress core updated is crucial for security and stability of your website. Same goes for all WordPress themes and plugins installed on your website. It’s important to keep them updated to start using new features and security fixes.

However, auto updates for WordPress cannot be good for everyone. Because some updates may lead to insufficient guesswork. So, let’s have a look at pros and cons of automatic WordPress updates and after that how to turn them on.


  1. Core updates protect your website from security vulnerabilities
  2. Automatic plugin updates can minimize the plugin vulnerabilities
  3. Saves up significant amount of time spent managing your WordPress website
  4. Gives you faster access to new features of WordPress core


  1. Sites are updated without a proper backup
  2. Some updates may result in breaking your site and create compatibility issues
  3. Updating themes without having a child theme may override any customization
  4. Replacing your core files can overwrite any manual customization

So, before enabling automatic updates, make sure that your themes and plugins are being regularly updated by their developers. And if you rely on lots of WordPress plugins, then it would be great if you update your WordPress manually and more carefully.

Now that we know the PROS & CONS of Automatic Updates, let’s look at how to enable them ?

To manually enable automatic WordPress updates, all you have to do is add the following line code to your wp-config.php file:

This will automatically update core of WordPress. However, some people don’t want development updates. To disable them, add the following code to your functions.php file.

Automatic updates for WordPress Plugins and Themes

You can turn on automatic updates for all the WordPress plugin by adding following code to your theme’s functions.php file or a site specific plugin.

If you also want to automatically update your themes, then add following code into your functions.php file.

Above filters tell WordPress automatic updater to automatically update all installed plugins and themes when any updates are available.

Updating WordPress automatically is not an easy choice. From security perspective, automatic updates are a no-brainer. They can keep your website updated & create a great user experience. But, along with that benefit, you may face many functionality issues which can lead into a broken WordPress website. So, give lots of thought before turning on automatic updates for your WordPress website. Just in case, you are not sure about automatically updating your WordPress website and don’t have enough time to manually update your websites, then take a look at our WordPress Maintenance Plans. We perform regular updates on your WordPress Core, plugins & themes on daily to weekly basis depending on the plan you choose.


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