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25 reasons you should switch to WordPress for your business website

Reasons to use WordPress

WordPress is a 16 years old, open source content management system and needs no introduction. Today, almost 74 million sites of all types use WordPress to post new content / set up their corporate website / sell products online / set up a learning management system and much more. WordPress as a CMS has become very popular among its users because of it’s simplicity and the power it carries. Most of the new companies as well as established companies choose WordPress development to come up with wonderful websites. However, WordPress was created for blogging but now it has become one of the most powerful content management system. So, if you are still thinking to build a website for your business or thinking to adopt CMS for your existing website, let me tell you why WordPress is a good choice.

1. Free of Cost 

WordPress is 100% free open source software. You never have to worry about hidden charges if your site becomes more popular. WordPress will be always free for you to use. You can alter the source code to improve your website for your needs. All you need to do is find a good reliable host that can host WordPress. You never pay for the software code.

2. Search engine friendly

WordPress is an open source framework which is easy for Google Crawlers to crawl. Popular search engines like Google, Bing, tend to rank websites that use WordPress. In fact, major search engines prefer website that are user friendly and easy to crawl. And WordPress offers large number of options to make your website search engine friendly through plugins and functionality.

3. Flexibility

The flexibility of WordPress is another major aspect that makes it the most preferred choice for users. Whether you are using WordPress for personal blogging or to sell your products on eCommerce website, WordPress is good enough to meet your needs through its extensions and extensive features.

4. Customization

WordPress offers thousands of plugins and themes, with just one single click of button, you can customize your website to function the way you would like it to. Along with themes and plugins, WordPress offers endless number of features.

5. Security

Increasing popularity of WordPress provoke hackers to target WordPress websites. However, to protect WP websites from such hacks, WordPress updates its CMS. Apart from this, there are lots of security plugins available completely free or paid. Take a look at our list of best backup and security plugins for WordPress here.

6. Mobile friendly

Take a look at our article on importance of mobile friendly websites in 2017 . So, just to give an overview, more than 60% of your users are on mobile these days which makes it a top priority for any business to opt in for mobile friendly website. But, with WordPress, you don’t have to worry about these kind of issues because, WordPress has huge number of mobile-friendly themes available. Also, it’s very easy to find any WordPress Developer who will help you code WordPress themes for your website that are responsive / mobile friendly. We recommend PSD To Manythings for any PSD To WordPress coding.

7. Multimedia support

WordPress lets you easily integrate videos either by uploading your own video or by adding embedded codes through HTML. You can also add audio files, images easily through WordPress Media Library.

8. Established community

WordPress community provides unbelievable support. The community of developers are always available to take care of your issues that you are facing on your WordPress websites.

9.Powerful platform

WordPress is not only a great blogging software but also a ready to use open source content management system backed by awesome designers and developers around the globe building various plugins to add functionalities to the WordPress website. Key features like complete ownership of the platform, strong growth and endurance, inbound SEO and blogging, ready to use creative and responsive designs makes WordPress more powerful.

10. Schedule post

WordPress can free up some additional time by giving you the ability to schedule your posts in advance. This means that irrespective of when you complete your post, you can schedule it to be published at a time suitable for your customers. To give you an example, if your site drives insane traffic between 1pm to 2pm on weekdays, then you could schedule your posts around that time. Or, on the day of Christmas, etc.

11. Top popular CMS in market

Usage statistic from W3Tech says, WordPress is used by 59.5% of all the websites that use CMS. the second most used CMS is Joomla, it has 5.9% market share. And close to this, third most used CMS is Drupal, with 4.9% market share and Magento is 2.8%. So, by adopting WordPress for your website, you are basically relying on a tool which is used by a huge crowd thus giving you an advantage that you are using a reliable platform which is not going to fall off soon.

12. Not committed to one hosting provider

If you need to switch a host or provider, you can do it without experiencing much down time. Whatever would be the reason to switch a host, you don’t have to worry about anything because WordPress works with almost every server. In fact, most of the hosting companies offer free migration support for new onboarding customers.

13. Easy to manage

WordPress is equipped with an auto updater that updates your plugins, themes and WordPress core on it’s on. However, at times it can make your website break if your plugins / themes are incompatible. So, an alternative is to use manual updates where WordPress notifies you about such updates. Thus, through automatic & manual updates, you can easily manage your WordPress websites.

14. Universal platform

No matter for what reason, you are using WordPress. WordPress features universal because the WordPress dashboard looks the same on the every platform. You can add things to your dashboard like themes, posts, comments and updates. In fact any one with some sort of PHP and MySQL experience can use WordPress .

15. Multi user capability

Your organisation may have many people, each one doing there own thing. WordPress is aware of all these things and has made it easy by assigning different roles for different user types. WordPress comes with pre defined user types as follows

  • Super admin – has complete access to website features
  • Administrator – has able to access to the all administration features
  • Editor – can publish posts and manage the post of other users
  • Author – access to publish and manage their own posts
  • Contributor – can write and manage their own posts but rely on administrator to approve them
  • Subscriber – can view and edit their own profile
  • Apart from this, you can also add your own user roles.

There are many plugins available for this. However, if you are not a plugin fan and want to add a user role by coding, check out this blog post.

16. No need to learn code

You can create content using WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get), that means you can create pages and posts without having any kind of knowledge about HTML. Also, there are many page builders available in the WordPress plugin environment which can help you build layouts very easily.

17. Third Party Integration

WordPress integrates with lots of third party platforms to help you automate many things. You can find plugins for almost anything ranging from email newsletter integration to creating an eCommerce website. You have endless possibilities to automate things like social sharing , newsletter subscribing, automation marketing and much more. So, with just a plugin, you can have many things done.

18. More than just a blog

WordPress came out as an ideal blogging platform but today, most of the people are using it as a open source CMS. Since WordPress features both post and page structure, you can regularly post without affecting your static pages. Also, as mentioned in the above post, you have plugins for almost everything in WordPress. You can turn your WordPress website into a shopping site, a classified website, a job listing site and the possibilities are endless.

19. Can be used as a membership service

WordPress offers plugins that you can use to sell membership on your website thus generating some additional revenue. The moment you create this membership site, you are providing exclusive content to the members that member pay for if they will find it useful.

20. Keeps your site always fresh and updated

If you have a pretty simple website like a blog or a 10 page corporate site, it can be super simple for you to give your website a fresh look. There are tons of premium and free themes available developed either by WordPress or by the developer community. However, if you are running a website with huge amount of customizations, this cannot be handy always.

21. Big brands use it too

WordPress is the most powerful open source CMS community in the world and is used by some of the well established brands with millions of pageviews. Brands like Nasa, Mozilla, Coca Cola, Mashable and many more. In other words, WordPress is considered as serious business website solution. Check out our list of 40+ high traffic websites that use WordPress.

22. Post content immediately

Posting content on your WordPress website is super easy.You can download the WordPress App on your smartphone or tablet, and start posting your content from anywhere, anytime.

23. One click E Commerce

If you are thinking to sell online and don’t wish to invest much, then WordPress has numerous ecommerce solutions available to convert your website into a digital store. Plugins like WooCommerce, WP eCommerce or Shopp are some of the most widely used E Commerce plugins that help you build an ECommerce website with an ease.

24. Keeps getting better

No matter what, WordPress is going to get better as time goes on and it keeps improving as the years go by as it hires top-notch developers who are working hard to enhance the user experience and WordPress the best CMS.

25. Low cost of maintenance

So, if you host a WordPress website and are worried about how you will maintain it, them don’t worry. WordPress Maintenance is super easy. You can do it on your own by using a set of plugins that will take care of backups and security. Also, if you’re not keen on doing it yourself, you can always hire expert WordPress Maintenance service providers like us who will do the work for you at the most affordable rates. To check out our WordPress Maintenance & security plans, click here.


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