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Best backup & security plugins for WordPress


As an owner of a website, only we are responsible to secure our site. The more you are aware about WordPress security, the more you can optimize things of WordPress! As we all know, WordPress is the most popular platform for blogging as millions of people use it for their blogging website. So, hackers are always interested in hacking WordPress website though various vulnerabilities that they can exploit. Facing such hackers is worst instead of having an extra layer of security for your site.

However we cannot guarantee a completely secured hosting environment. So, the most important thing to do is to keep an updated backup of your complete WordPress website including files & databases.This will help you to face a critical circumstances that every website owner faces once in a while at least. Backup gives you a peace of mind and saves your time when your site get hacked or if you locked yourself due to some reason. If you lost everything of your site from visitors, database, content to sales then you have to start from scratch and believe me, this is most irritating thing in the world for developer.

So, it is important to back up your WordPress website using any of the following plugins to safeguard your hard work.

In this post, i will discuss various WordPress security and Backup plugins. Combination of these plugins will keep on checking your website’s security features along with regularly backing it up.


1. Wordfence

It is the most popular open source WordPress security plugin available and has about one million active installations till date. Wordfence offers two-step authentication, stops brute force attacks, regularly scans and strengthens the security of your websites, supports country blocking, does Password auditing and much more.
This plugin is free but you can get advanced features in premium version. With Wordfence security you can check the traffic on your website in real time and see if there are any security threats attacking your site. It is full featured and most popular plugin that continuously secures your WordPress site.

2. Sucuri Security

Sucuri is worldwide considered to solve all matters related to website security, especially WordPress security. It offers key security features for a minimum yearly fee of $200.

Key features include :

  • Audit logging activity
  • Remote malware scanning
  • Post-hack security hardening
  • Security notifications
  • Integrated file monitoring
  • Blacklist monitoring.

It is primary monitoring tool for changes and activities that can harm your website. Sucuri plugin is built by expert developers who can analyze the codes and file system within WordPress.In addition to the above features, it protects your website from DOS attack, brute force attacks. All the activities are logged and kept safe in the sucuri cloud.

3. iThemes security

iThemes gives you a lots of security options to protect your site. It claims to offer 30+ ways to protect WordPress website. iThemes is great security tool for beginners as well as for professional. iThemes tracks registered user activity, import-export settings, malware scanning, password expiration and many more things.

If you need more advanced features, you can move to pro version. Pro version offers incredible set of features like two-factor authentication, salts and security keys,wp-cli integration, password security and expiration,dashboard widgets, Google reCAPTCHA, user action logging and much more.

With single click installation, you can stop brute force attacks and save your website.

4. All in one WP security & Firewall

This plugin is designed and managed by experts to understand all functionality easily. It reduces all kind of security risks by enforcing the latest WordPress security practices.
All in one WP security & Firewall also uses security grading point system to measure on site security feature activation. Common advantage of this plugin is to protect your site from brute force attack and lockdown if someone tries to attack. Also it monitors user account activity and keeps track of IP address and login date/time.

Security rules are categorized under three section; Basic, Intermediate, Advanced. You can apply these firewall rules accordingly without breaking any functionality of your site.Most importantly it blocks and protect your blog from spam and supports all the plugins.



VaultPress is more powerful WordPress backup plugin. Recently, it became part of Automattic’s another product called Jetpack. There are different pricing for different features. For a Jetpack you have to switch on premium module of VaultPress. Real-time cloud backup starts at $3.50/ month. Backing up your site cost $3/ month, and premium subscription costs $9/ month.

It is free plugin itself on, but you will need to subscribe to the three different levels of plans like Lite/ Basic/ Premium. Lite plan offers daily backups on site with 30 days archive with an automatic restoration tool. Basic plan offers real-time archive with full site backups. Premium plan offers  priority supports and daily security scan.

2. BackupBuddy

The most popular and premium WordPress backup plugin. It allows you to set up daily, weekly or monthly backups. With BackupBuddy, you can opt to backup your database as well as your all files. Also, you can exclude/include some things from backup list.It is not a subscription based service, so there is no monthly charge. You can use the plugin according to your plan. BB offers some great features like database scan, database repair, malware scans, and mass text replacement tool.

With the paid version of BB, you will get added features like 1GB free storage space support forums, and much more. With BB you can backup data of your site, migrate your site, and restore your data on site.

3. Duplicator

Migration of WordPress site can be very scary. As name of plugin itself suggests, Duplicator is popular WordPress plugin to migrate your WP site. In addition, it also has backup feature.

However, it does its job once installed. After installation you will get some tools for copying or cloning your WP site. You will get simple and manual backup solution with free version. And if you buy pro version, you can directly backup to external sites like Dropbox, Google Drive and more.

4. WP DB Backup

WP DP Backup is a popular WordPress backup plugin. But the problem is that it only backs up the database of your WordPress site. Yet it is another plugin to take a look at.
If you do not update your site too often or do not upload images, then you can choose WP-DP Backup plugin for primary backup. You need to schedule the backup and download it to your desktop.

5. UpdraftPlus

UpdraftPlus is a completely free WordPress plugin that allows you to create full backup of your site. With just basic backup features, it is the highest ranking WordPress plugin on Premium version has lots of advanced features to keep your site safe and secure. Addition tools are site duplicator, multiple backup storage, site migration and reporting tool. Advantage of having this plugin is that it supports scheduled as well as on-demand backup. Remote storage is also possible in places like OneDrive, Dropbox, google Drive and lot more. In short, UpdraftPlus is simple yet powerful WordPress backup plugin and it doesn’t affect your page load speed.


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