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Automated & Off Site Cloud Backups

Offsite backups give you 100% reliability for back-up. Hosting servers can still go down or get attacked by malware. Yes they have backups but that’s only 1 level of security. With our automated cloud backups, we give you 100% reliability that all your Files, Database, Images and entire website is stored in a completely different and safe location. Our backup frequency ranges from real time to daily schedules depending on the plan you choose and the space you need


Hack &
Malware Clean Up

In the unfortunate event your website does gets hacked or is blacklisted by Google for malware, we are always there for you by your side. Our security experts can help you restore the health of your hacked site by analyzing the type of attack and how it was able to take advantage of the code and fixing the vulnerability. All the websites managed under our paid plans are eligible for a free restoration service.


WordPress Migrations

Moving a website from one server to another is complicated and not for the faint of heart. We will seamlessly work with any web-hosting company to move your existing or new website onto to the new server. Or if you are unhappy with your current company and feel that you deserve better service, we will be happy to suggest to you the best servers in the industry with incredible customer service. If you like our suggestion and want to move your site, give us a call and we’ll be happy to make the experience smooth and trouble free.


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24/7 Security Monitoring

We first make a thorough investigation of your site and look for all the security holes that might be present. Then using the best industry tools available, we clean up and fortify any weak areas that would be vulnerable to an attack. We also constantly monitor your website to react immediately if an event should happen. After detection, an instantaneous set of protocols will be set into action that will set up firewalls and isolate the virus or malware attack.


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47% of visitors expect a website to load under 2 seconds or less. A slow loading website will not only frustrate your visitors but will also make your website penalized by Google. We monitor your website’s performance on a routine basis and send you monthly reports as well as suggestions about how to improve performance.


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WordPress Core, Themes & Plugin Updates

WordPress core and it’s plugins receive updates on a frequent basis. This is to ensure that various bugs and and vulnerabilities can be addressed to provide a better platform. We make sure that each and every element of your WordPress website stays updated always without any effort on your part to check for compatibility. All our updates are “careful updates” meaning we back up your site just before updating any plugins or themes which allows us to roll back your site in case of a functionality problem.



Bill gates says “Your business is not in business if it’s not on the internet”. But that doesn’t mean it’s your task to monitor your website’s uptime everyday. So, let us do the same for you by notifying you as soon as your site goes down. This will help you take necessary steps to revive your site ASAP.



We offer special test areas for websites that cannot afford any downtime. We clone your website over our staging server, perform and verify any updates. And make sure that everything is perfect before applying the updates to live site. The staging environment is included by default in professional plan.


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