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How to increase your website’s performance by using HTTP/2

http2 wordpress performance improvement

what is HTTP2?

HTTP/2 is an updated version of the HTTP network protocol developed from the earlier experimental SPDY protocol. HTTP2 is comprised of two things, one is Hypertext Transfer Protocol Version 2 and another one is Header Compression for HTTP/2. It was designed to manage shortcomings of HTTP/1.1. Because the web has become much wider and complex and old protocol is unable to process huge amount of data.

The main focus of this protocol is on performance. Major use of this network is to allow the use of a single connection from browsers to a web site. Moreover, it has evolved to take community’s input into account, incorporating several improvements in the process.If you are an user of HTTP/2 network protocol, then you will notice improvements in page load speed, responsiveness, and higher security. Use of HTTP/2 has increased in the past year as browsers, commercial proxies, and content delivery network have released support. Consequently, HTTP/2 provides faster experience with no change to the existing functionality of the web.

It is important to having knowledge of functionality of HTTP/2. Generally, HTTP/2 focuses on managing flow of relationship between client and server.  When you connect to server, your browser initiates an HTTP session with the server. The type of session differs from the features supported by your browser and server. HTTP/2 protocol only supports if both parties support HTTP/2 network. If one party doesn’t support HTTP/2, then both the browser and the server fall back to HTTP/1.1.

And the moment when your browser and server agrees to support HTTP/2, you will be able to use its features like multiplexing, server push to optimize connection and compression.





Following are the benefits of using HTTP/2 network protocol for increasing website performance.

1. Faster load time of increasing web pages
Google has indicated Faster page load is a ranking factor for great SEO result. Slower page speed will negatively impact the indexation. HTTP/2 is asynchronous on a single TCP  connection using binary streams rather than text-based protocol. In this protocol, initial request for HTML, images, scripts and other components happens in parallel. Such requests are faster for user as well as sufficient for the server. Browsers make multiple connection simultaneously for per domain. Website can now load resources from multiple domains such as WWW1, WWW2, WWW3, and so on, simultaneously which is known as domain sharding. This process of Domain Sharding can greatly improve the overall page load speed.

2. Due to header compression, your site will become responsive
Each header of HTTP contains information. In older version(HTTP/1.1), many headers were repeated in a single session. But thanks to HTTP/2, it eliminates all unwanted headers and the rest headers are compressed and transmitted into a binary format.  Header compression leads to a better performance over both mobile as well as traditional desktop media.

3. Multiplexing makes your site almost hacking free
Older version of HTTP needs to open several TCP connections to access multiple files. HTTP/1.1 had to request files one by one on a single connection. And this process is very long. It starts by requesting a file, waiting for response and then download and process goes on. Other file cannot be loaded unless and until the first file has not been downloaded. Such long process invites hackers. On the other side, if you switch to HTTP/2, you will able to share multiple files at one time through multiplexing over single connection and such short process increases the security thus keeping your site free from hackers.

4. Security of site is highly encrypted
As SSL is prerequisite to migrate your site to HTTP/2, your site is already encrypted.  If you are switching your website from HTTP 1.1 to HTTP/2, the installation of SSL certificate automatically enhances the security of your site.

So, by implementing HTTP/2, you are taking your first baby step towards a high performing secure website. Many quality web hosting companies have already migrated to HTTP/2. You can find out if your website supports the latest HTTP/2 at .


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