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Backup Your WordPress Website

Here at PressMate, we offer WordPress backup services for all our clients’ needs. Backing up your website is just as important as backing up your hard drive just in case something happens to your computer. The headlines you read about high profile websites getting crashed or hacked are a reality. In the unfortunate case of this happening to you, keeping a backup will provide you with the security and peace-of-mind that you need. Protect yourself from threats like these with PressMate WordPress Backup Services

How do we backup your WordPress website?

All of our backups are completely automated and stored on encrypted cloud servers, providing you with a reliable and trustworthy backup service. In the event of any hacking or malware attack, we can help you retrieve the most recent backed up versions of your website and restore it back to how it was. PressMate has the infrastructure and automation in place to backup and restore with ease.

How frequently do we back your WordPress website?

Our backup frequency varies depending on the plan you choose. Generally, the more you pay, the higher the frequency of backups. For instance, with our Free Plan, your websites are backed up monthly, compared with our Professional Plan, where backups happen around the clock on an hourly basis. We offer four different plans:

  1. Free Plan – websites backed up monthly
  2. Lite Plan – websites backed up daily
  3. Start Up Plan – websites backed up every 12 hrs
  4. Professional Plan – websites Backed every hour

My hosting company already backs up the website files for me. Why should I use your service ?

Your hosting company does back up your website. There’s no argument about this. But, your hosting company doesn’t necessarily backup your website files to an offsite location, different to the one where your primary files are hosted. Relying on the backups provided by hosting companies is like placing a copy of your birth certificate along with the original one. This won’t keep your original ones safe for emergencies. So, why risk the backup of your website? Our backup service is fully automated and stores all of your data on industry-leading Amazon S3-backed servers, the best option available on the market.

Do I need to configure my website to your back up service?

No! There is absolutely no need to configure anything to our backup service; access to your WordPress admin is sufficient. Our system will manage everything for you.

Do I have access to your backup service during my trial period?

Absolutely! We believe that you should experience what our actual service has to offer. This is why we provide unrestricted access to all the features mentioned on our pricing page at .

Real-Time WordPress Backup Service

We recommend our Real-Time WordPress Backup service to any clients with high-volume traffic websites. With real-time backup, your websites are backed up every hour, providing you with access to the most recent copies of your files. To take advantage of our Real-Time back up service, choose our Professional Plan when you sign up.

EU Data Protection Compatible Back Up Service

To comply with the EU Data Protection Directive, we can have your website backed up over EU servers.

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