WordPress Malware Removal Service

WordPress Website Malware Removal

Our team is made up of expert WordPress developers with hands-on experience in cleaning and whitelisting malware affected WordPress websites. We charge a flat fee of $99 for cleanups. This fee includes:

  1. A lifetime Guarantee
  2. 24-hour turnaround—we start right away
  3. Unlimited pages
  4. Updates of all plugins, themes and the WordPress core to stable versions
  5. A free recommendation report to prevent future attacks
  6. Optimize WordPress database or repair corrupted WordPress database tables
  7. .htaccess file hack clean up

How do we clean up your WordPress website?

We follow a simple 6-step process to clean up your WordPress website.

1. Scan your website files

The first step towards a malware-free website begins with scanning your website. Our developers run an in-depth scan on your website files using professional tools, to identify any infected files. Once scanned, we make a list of infected files and isolate them from the core W\website files. After removing these files, we identify and purge all the malicious code. The final list of all the infected files is shared with you for your reference.

2. Optimize & clean up database

A malware infected website can have a corrupt database. In order to safeguard your website from future attacks, it’s important to check for any malicious code left behind by the hackers. We scan the website database and repair any corrupt tables to ensure the future safety of your website.

3. Htaccess & WP-Config clean up

.htaccess & wp-config.php are a hacker’s playground. They love to inject their malicious code in these two files as they are the core of any WordPress website. Once completing the first two steps, we perform a thorough audit or these two files and make sure that they are clean and safeguarded.

4. Full site audit

Upon confirming that all your files are free of any infection, we go through a final full-site audit, which includes checking your WordPress core version and checking for any available updates for your plugins and themes.

5. Enhance security

Upon generating a complete audited reported of outdated plugins & themes, our developers ensure that all of them are updated to the latest versions. Check out our blog post on the importance of keeping your plugins updated at all times. Apart from updating the plugins and themes, we upload a tried and test security plugin to safeguard your website from future attacks.

6. Submit a review request to Google

Some malware infections can trigger an infected website notification on Google. This is not a good sign for your business. Our service includes checking the blacklist status of your website. If we find that your site is blacklisted, we will verify the website ownership on Google Webmasters Console and submit a review request…

7. PressMate’s Care Report

Upon successful cleanup of your WordPress website, we send you two reports: 1) a report highlighting all work completed by us and 2) PressMate’s care report highlighting all precautionary measures to take in order to prevent your website from being hacked in the future.

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