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Developing and running a WordPress website requires a great deal of technical knowledge. It’s possible that you’re running low on these technical skills. Well, this doesn’t need to be an issue any longer—we are here to offer you the highest-standard of professional WordPress technical support. Our team of skilled WordPress developers offers technical & development services to agencies, businesses and freelancers across the globe.

WordPress Technical Services We Offer

Here at PressMate, we offer a range of WordPress-related technical services ranging from uptime monitoring all the way through to developing custom WordPress themes. Our full range of services include:

1. WordPress Uptime Monitoring

In this age of digitization, it’s crucial for your business to be available online 24/7. To achieve this, it’s important to make sure that your website is always accessible, no matter what. That being said, it’s practically impossible for you to keep track of your website around the clock. To make it easier for you, we can have our robots monitoring your website 24/7. Our uptime monitoring service continues to check your website’s uptime every minute, and notifies you about any downtime. Read more about our WordPress Uptime Monitoring Service here.

2. WordPress Security Monitoring

WordPress is undoubtedly the most popular content management system (CMS) in the market. With this popularity, comes the threat of being hacked. However, with precautionary measures this can be avoided. We perform regular scans on your WordPress website and make sure that there are no backdoors or vulnerabilities left behind in any plugin or theme files. Security checks like these help you in securing your WordPress website. Take a look at how we handle WordPress security for you.

3. WordPress Updates

Keeping your WordPress website updated is crucial for safeguarding your website from hacking threats. Plugin and theme developers come up with regular updates to fix vulnerabilities, backdoors, and any bugs . Not all of these updates are security related, for example, some of them are purely related to visual or functional enhancements. For this reason, updating your plugins, themes and WordPress core helps to keep your website feature-rich as well as safe. Know more about how we perform updates on your WordPress websites by clicking here.

4. Repair Hacked WordPress Website

You should do your best to secure your WordPress website. However, despite your best efforts, there is still a very real possibility of your WordPress website being hacked. If you’re website has been hacked or is blacklisted in Google, don’t worry. We can help get your website repaired and up and running within 24 hours. Check out the complete process of how we fix your hacked WordPress website and submit it to google, here.

5. Backup WordPress Websites

Data stored on servers is virtual and is at risk of being hacked or tempered with. Being prepared with a backup of your data is extremely important. You may feel that your hosting service backs up this data for you. This is true, however, most of the time they backup your website files using the same server as where your website is hosted from. Just as you wouldn’t keep photocopies of your passport with your actual passport, it’s never a good idea to have your backup copy of your website and your original files residing in the same location. To avoid any mishaps, we back up your website files on an off-site cloud server which is completely isolated from your hosting environment and solely dedicated to securing your back up files. A detailed description about our WordPress backup service can be found here.

6. WordPress Migrations

You may wish to switch your website hosting from your current company to another provider. This is perfectly fine. Most hosting companies provide this migration service at no cost. However, you may wish to have your site migrated by expert developers such as ourselves. We migrate your website whilst ensuring that no data is lost, and with zero downtime. To learn more about migrating as securely and efficiently as possible, click here.

7. Fix WordPress Database Errors

WordPress’ database runs on the relational database management system (RDBMS), mySql. Although rare, there is a chance of your database corrupting, which makes your website buggy or completely dysfunctional. We can help fix such database errors. Repairing a corrupted WordPress database can take anywhere from 5 minutes to 5 hours. Check out how we fix WordPress databases here.

8. Repair WordPress Themes & Plugins

As we all know, theme- and plugin developers from WordPress come up with regular updates to address various bugs and enhance functionalities. For this reason, it is not recommended to use an outdated plugin which is not maintained, as some of these plugins/theme updates can cause incompatibility issues. If you ever run into such a situation, we can help you fix the issue or find the best available alternative.

We also offer WordPress development services through our parent company, PSD To Manythings. Check out www.psdtomanythings.com for more details.

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