Uptime Monitoring

WordPress Uptime Monitoring Services

As Bill Gates says, “Your business is not in business if it’s not on the internet”. But this doesn’t have to mean you endlessly monitor your website’s uptime every day. Let us do the work for you by notifying you as soon as your site goes down. This will help you take necessary steps to revive your site ASAP.

Our uptime monitoring service monitors your website in 1-minute intervals. We notify you as soon as your website is down along with providing proper status codes. This will allow you to help understand the reason for any downtime.

Downtime Notifications

We provide notifications for your website downtime through the channels detailed below.

Uptime Notifications

We not only notify you about downtime, we also notify you as soon as your website is back up and running.

Detailed Uptime Overview

We provide you with a detailed report on uptime percentage, response delay and individual checks.

Uptime Monitoring Notifications by SMS

We send you instant notifications about your website downtime via SMS.

Uptime Monitoring Notifications by Email

You can opt in to receive notifications for your website’s downtime by email.

Uptime Monitoring Notification in our PressMate App

We are the first WordPress maintenance service to offer a proprietary PressMate app. Receive instant notifications on your mobile using our PressMate app.

Uptime Monitoring Reports

We offer a detailed report about the uptime of your website. While uptime reports are included by default in all the reports, custom uptime reports can also be generated on demand.

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