Introducing TASKS by PressMate

With TASKS, PressMate helps WordPress website owners with small WordPress things ranging from a blog post publishing
to setting up complete WordPress Theme. All our WP Maintenance Plans come with fixed free tasks. If you run out of your
free tasks, you can buy them on the go

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PressMate TASKS Credits (TC)

All the PressMate clients get free PressMate Task Credits
( referred as TC ). TC awarded every month change as per
the plan you choose. Every Task has 2 prices( in USD & in TC ).
To give an example, a blog posting costs $10 or 2 TC. 1 TC
equals to $5. When you run out TC, you can purchase extra TC
or pay using PayPal / Stripe. TC awarded to PressMate
subscription clients expire and are renewed every month.

Wordpress TASKS We Offer

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