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Things to look out in WordPress Hosting Service Provider

how to choose best hosting provider

With 1000’s of web hosting providers in the market, selecting a perfect host for your website is a tough job because almost all of the companies promise to provide 99% uptime, heart winning customer service , add-ons, features and much more.

When everyone is offering everything, selecting an unreliable web hosting is very much possible. Selecting a cheap hosting can be an expensive mistake ultimately forcing you to pay a high cost by :

  1. Creating a negative impact on search results due to slow loading website.
  2. Affecting your online authority for long time
  3. Making your website vulnerable due to less secure environment

    All the above factors depend greatly on the web host you choose. So, before selecting a proper web host, you must look out for

Things to consider in wordpress hosting provider

  • Price value
    Most of us will look at this factor first while choosing a hosting provider, as hosting packages differ depending on various price, functionality, etc from few to thousands of dollars per month. However, many makes mistakes by choosing hosting provider solely based on price factor. These packages might be appealing to you but it doesn’t mean that you have to choose cheapest package between all of them. Select a package which suits your requirements and budget. If a certain package does  suit your requirements but doesn’t fit in your budget, then try to pay in installments. A VPS / dedicated server may cost more but can be a better option when compared to shared hosting as the shared hosting is the one which is shared by hundreds or thousands of sites at a time. So, make your choice depending on the requirements and not price. We recommend using Site-ground for WordPress hosting.

  • Specialities
    Have a look into specific hosting company’s specialties before you reach to buy something. Select a hosting company that understand you and your requirements. Because not each and every hosts are right for every customer.  Some offers great plans but doesn’t provide solution to grow business. So, rather than buying  the server from a $1 hosting company which doesn’t have an option to upgrade, it’s always better to buy from a hosting company that offers an option to upgrade. For e.g. Siteground offers multiple plans which cater to different requirements. You can start with a small plan worth $4/ mo and if required upgrade to higher plan. So, look out for a company whose speciality is customer satisfaction than just sales.

  • Security aspects
    Security is must considerable aspect for web hosting. Offers like Daily backups, user authentication, firewall and any kind of suspicious activity detection must be provided by your web host company.  At times, when you accidentally delete all content or in an event of your website getting hacked, it would be very important to have hosting company who has an automatic backup in hand for your instant site recovery. So, backups !! Look out for it.

  • Customer support
    In a business, you just don’t want someone to take your money and stop replying to your queries. So, customer support is definitely the first thing to look into. In an unexpected scenario of a downtime, sending an email might not be enough to resolve the issue.Live chat  is the best way to get connected to the server people and get your queries resolved.

  • Scalability
    As discussed in the first point, Scalability is an important thing to consider because as you grow, your requirements will also grow. So, it is important to consider a hosting provider who allows you to upgrade / downgrade to plans as per your requirements.

  • Types of hosting
    Your hosting provider should offer different type of hosting according to your website. Choice between dedicated, VPS, reseller, and shared depends upon the size of your website. Small and Medium size of websites can run on a  shared hosting environment . But for huge enterprise sized websites a dedicated web hosting will be a better fit. Thus working with a host who can fulfill all your needs may be enterprise or small size website is must because migrating your websites while changing the host can be a troublesome task.

  • Uptime
    We all know there is nothing like 100% guarantee offered in any technical services. None of the site can offer 100% uptime. According to hosting manual, uptime is always measured by “Nines”.  And see how they translate downtime for 30 days.

    99 percent – Two Nines equals seven hours and 12 minutes downtime
    99.9 percent – Three Nines equals 43 minutes and 12 seconds
    99.99 percent – Four Nines equals 4 minutes 19 Seconds
    99.999 percent – Five Nines equals 26 seconds
    99.9999 percent – Six Nines equals Three seconds

  • Usability
    Bandwidth and storage are not only features to look out, you should check usability of the hosting provider. First usability that you need to look is that whether your hosting provider has cPanel, ispCP or ISPConfig, Plesk. These softwares are important to access and manage your hosting. A hosting server with just a plain configuration and no management software can drive you crazy. So, look out for the hosting provider that provides you an easy to use interface for managing your server.

  • Add-ons
    Many hosting providers these days provide tons of add-ons . To name a few, Siteground offers letsencrypt, Super cacher, Google pagespeed mod for improving the google inside score of your website, CDN, privacy, free domain and many more. With the siteground GoGeek plan, you get a 1 Yr OV SSL with installation for free. So, look out for the Add Ons but don’t make it a priority.


So, keep in mind these few aspects before you look out for a WordPress Hosting Provider. If you are looking out for our opinion, then I will like to say that we have been hosting with Siteground for more than 4 yrs now and we don’t have any issues hosting with them. They are our go to go guys for hosting your next WordPress website


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