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Why page speed score of 100 is never possible

A designer or developer should know, what makes their website speed fast and they should also know their site needs to be fast. Speed is the most important metric in good SEO. when Google crawls your website, it doesn’t focus on your “grade” it only focuses on your loading time i.e page speed. Because, page speed has become an ever increasing factor in getting visitors to stay on your site.

Statistics compiled by hosting facts found:

  1. Site abandonment was 40% if the loading time is more than three seconds
  2. Site speed also affects your bottom line since 51% of online shoppers say it’s the top reason for abandoning their shopping cart
  3. An increase in site speed from few seconds can boost your conversion rate by 74%

Google’s lead tech programming developer noted that your site should load in 2 seconds or less and he also talked about a study Microsoft and Google did in 2010 where they delayed site loading times.

At 500 milliseconds, customer dissatisfaction went up by 0.9% and when loading times climbed to two seconds, dissatisfaction went up by 3.8%.
In short, if you want people to engage on your site, stay longer and actually come back after some time, make sure that you are achieving fast load time.

To check your website page loading performance, there is a tool called Google PageSpeed Insights that rates your site’s performance with a score ranging from zero to hundred for
responsive to desktop versions.

The higher rating you score, the better your site is measured to perform. 

PageSpeed insights considers the network-independent aspects of page like the HTML structure of, external resources such as images, Javascript, CSS, and server configuration.

Implementing above suggestions can enhance the performance of the website. However, the performance of the page will hugely be dependent upon a user’s network connection.

Is the page speed of 100 score possible ?

The answer of this question is confusing and it will always be confusing as you know this isn’t possible as one would hope.
You may have searched many articles claiming a possible page speed score of 100. But that is possible if you are loading static content.

Sites that are static and relative with some text, few images load quickly after some basic performance enhancement. Such kind of site would earn a higher score without making much efforts.

Sites that display tons of content with infographics and videos tend to take more time in achieving higher performance score. Different forms, live maps, plugins and various features & capabilities all together increase the strain on your server and site speed eventually.

On other side, WordPress is dynamic that automatically makes it quite difficult to achieve a pagespeed score of 100 . If your WordPress site is basic it might be possible to increase site speed but that’s not always easy.

That being said, site which scores 85/100 and above is considered to be running great and if your site is achieving that score.

So, don’t get obsessed to get 100 score pagespeed insights, just focus on UX and UI of your site to offer better user experience to your visitors and followers.

At the end, you may not be able to reach till perfect 100 score. So, don’t worry it’s completely fine if your site is fast and easy to understand. You don’t need to reach above that level to have a well performing site.


  1. Do not blindly trust Google PageSpeed
  2. Always use actual speed testing tools like pingdom tools or gtmetrix to see any impact of changes
  3. Always read the recommendations carefully
  4. Ignore things if it’s asking you to do something impossible
  5. Always focus on speed rather than grade


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