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Why you should outsource WordPress Maintenance ?

“If your business is not on the Internet , then your business is not in the business”. This is what Bill gates has to say about the importance of your website. This shows us how much important it is for your business to be online. Your website is basically the face of your company and your clients are going to evaluate your business through your website only! This is why everyone should look towards maintaining their website and keep it free from downtimes, malware attacks, patch vulnerabilities, etc. However, it may or may not be possible for everyone to have their own in house maintenance or a web tech team to maintain the websites on regular basis. Such are the times when you will need to find a capable and trustworthy outsourcing partners / agencies

In order to keep your website moving smoothly, you should invest quality time in performing website maintenance. Because, things change very rapidly in the WordPress world. On an average , every new update of WordPress is released in couple of months and such updates focus mainly on security issues, bug fixing, and new features. Updated and new version of WordPress ensures smooth running of your site and also provides best user experience to all the viewers.

Every other company offers a different array of features with their support services . But, there are few common features that every company offers as below :

  1. Website backups
  2. Updating plugins
  3. Updating themes
  4. Spam removal
  5. Optimizing database
  6. Deleting inactive plugins
  7. Emergency maintenance
  8. Monitoring website performance
  9. Anti security
  10. Uptime Monitoring

These are the most important features that must be covered. Now, let’s look at the long term benefits that you get, if you regularly maintain your WordPress website.

  • You can expect your website to  perform better ultimately achieving the business goals   
  • Security patches and plugins will always be updated
  • Updating plugins & themes on a regular basis helps you to keep your website bug &  error free.
  • Maintaining a latest version of all your WordPress core, themes & plugins will help fixing all the vulnerabilities & backdoor access making your website safe from hacking attempts .

Now that we know why maintaining a WordPress website is crucial, let’s see the benefits of outsourcing the same.

As we know, maintaining a WordPress includes a lot of exercises like identifying security threats, fixing them, updating various parameters of the site and much more. All of this needs a lot of investment in terms of time and you should worry about such trivial things as your time is valuable and must be utilized for your own business.

Even after knowing all of this, you decide to do the maintenance on your own, I strongly believe that by doing so, your website maintenance may fall wayside as it is very much possible that you will forget to check all the important factors of managing your website which will ultimately affect your business.

Also in this activity,  you need to solve many operational and technical glitches that arise with various themes and plugins. Taking care of all such problems on your own can be a task . But with experts, you never have to waste your time to sort out any problem solely.

Outsourcing your WordPress Website Maintenance helps you because

  • Optimizing will outperform your website ultimately increasing your conversion rates  and thus bring in more business
  • You can invest your time in skills you excel in, and save your labour fees
  • You can avoid the costs associated with emergency technical service
  • Your website is maintained by professional & technical people who know how to get stuff done thus helping you achieve a better outcome at optimized & affordable pricing

So, rather than managing the WordPress websites on your own, let the professional teams handle and take care of the same by outsourcing it. If you are interested in outsourcing the maintenance of your WordPress, just take a look at WordPress Support Service


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