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WordPress & IFTTT, the ultimate automation

IFTTT is a strong web tool that helps you automate your WordPress tasks. WordPress needs no introduction so, in this article, we will discuss about IFTTT in detail.

IFTTT stands for “ If This Then That”. IFTTT’s basic job is to make your life simple by automating various tasks. IFTTT helps you automate over 500+ services. It just that, you need to create a recipe and activate it. IFTTT works on simple conditions and depending on various scenarios, the triggers are fired and your task gets automated.

It has lots of useful applications. You can make your Facebook posts appear automatically in Twitter and vice versa, this saves your time and efforts and you no longer need to log in to Twitter manually. Similarly, if you want flicker image you like or Youtube video to appear on your blog, IFTTT helps you automate all of these.

This ultimate automation has something for everything and everyone. When you sign up in IFTTT, you can go through hundreds of readymade recipes in the website that would suit your requirements. The most interesting thing is you can create your own recipe.

Channels are the common blocks of IFTTT building. Channel is nothing but the service which you wish to connect to IFTTT . There are almost 500+ channels for IFTTT including WordPress. Other services include,







Google Drive

Google calendar



And many more

In addition to this, there are some of the channels available specially for mobile service apps.

Triggers make up the part of if this then that. Here you can choose your channel and the type of event which has to occur for IFTTT to reach the second part of the equation.

Actions, the second part (that) is called action. Very similar to triggers in the sense of choosing a channel and an event which will take a place if the first part of condition (this) is met. Actions can be anything from “send text message” or “sending an email”.

Ingredients can be refined with triggers and actions. They are pieces of data to specify the type of event to happen for a trigger or the type of action to take effect.

Recipe is something what you have when you complete all parts of the IFTTT. It happens when you have specified trigger, an action and all kind of ingredients. Creating a recipe is very easy because by creating any recipe, everything works very beautifully with a visual interface.

There is a recipe for every channel where you can use these multiple recipes to ease your activities and save your time and efforts. Below is the list of most useful recipes for WordPress users and website owners.

  • Sync your new Instagram to a Pinterest board
  • Upload a new YouTube video and get posted it on your WordPress website
  • New WordPress post get posted on Evernote
  • Post your YouTube video to WordPress blog
  • Publish new soundtrack post as WordPress post
  • Add new Flickr photos as WordPress post
  • Update facebook page with link to new blog post
  • Automatically tweet your new blog post when published
  • Backup WordPress post to Dropbox
  • Instagram to WordPress
  • Share latest WordPress posts on LinkedIn
  • Submit your WordPress posts to Reddit
  • Archive your WordPress post to Evernote
  • WordPress post to Google+ page via Buffer
  • Auto-add your WordPress posts to Bitly
  • Send WordPress post to Buffer
  • LinkedIn shares become blog posts
  • Add instagram photos to WordPress depending on tag
  • Publish RSS feed to items on your WordPress blog
  • Favorite YouTube videos automatically posted as your blog posts
  • Publish new SoundCloud tracks as a blog post
  • Send favourite content from pocket to WordPress blog
  • Post to WordPress via Email
  • Log WordPress posts in Google spreadsheet
  • Backup WordPress posts to Google Drive
  • Add WordPress posts to BufferApp
  • Send latest WordPress posts to Twitter
  • Publish Instagram photos to your blog
  • Post new SoundCloud tracks to WordPress blog post
  • Post WordPress featured image to Flickr

Getting IFTTT to play with WordPress is little complicated, you have to be wise while following this process or connecting IFTTT with WordPress.

When you activate WordPress as a IFTTT channel, make sure you point it to the actual directory site and if you are using a subdirectory, then point IFTTT to instead of merely sending it. Along with this, be sure that your blog has XML-RPC enabled. This feature is inbuilt by default since WordPress version 3.5.

IFTTT is a service which used to perform all kind of automated tasks. With WordPress, auto-sorting your published posts to any social media network can be very effective as it saves lots of time. If you have your own recipes or have seen something amazing on IFTTT, just comment below and we’d love to add it here.

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